David Maasz

David is a retired internet/digital serial entrepreneur, turned angel investor with a global health, food and tech portfolio. David has 20+ years of experience building companies and management teams from scratch and taking them to international success, and 10+ years as an investor in early stage ventures, helping them to enter global markets, raise capital and grow.

As the founder of Entrepreneurship Foundation Hungary, David is the creative mind behind the Hungarian government’s INPUT Program, which is recognized by the United Nations as a ‘Global Best Practice Program’ for fostering the innovation ecosystem.

His background includes being a university dropout, a US Government IVLP alumnus, graduate of the China Executive Leadership Academy on doing business in China, Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce of his hometown Győr, member of the Foreign Economic Committee of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and industry in Budapest, Member of the European Parliament of Enterprises in Brussels for 2 terms, as well as an independent expert to the European Commission on SME development, innovation and entrepreneurship. David has been a frequent speaker and MC on entrepreneurship around the world, including GEW, The Kairos Summit, G20 YES, IMPACT, eit European Innovation Awards and UN global innovation events.

Beside Europe, David recently spends most of his time in Canada and served on the Governor General’s Canadian Innovation Awards Committee, is Member of the Culinary Institute of Canada, is a Board of Directors and investment committee member of Natural Products Canada and President of Angel Investment Partners Canada.