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The Cluster is supported by NPC’s investment fund. To date, we’ve made 10 investments and experienced 2 exits.

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The Cluster gives you access to the diverse range of professionals who have built their careers around natural products and natural product technologies. If you have a question, someone in the Hub has the answer.

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We deliver a steady pipeline of vetted investment opportunities through investor meetings and online Virtual Pitch sessions.

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We work with investors to identify, assess, and mitigate the risks involved in each investment opportunity.

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Who are the movers and shakers in Canadian natural products? Where are the hotspots in research and development? What global trends are creating opportunities? Find out in the annual Industry Report. Exclusively for members of the Cluster.

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NPC began investing in March 2017, and has made 12 investments.
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High-Growth Potential
Companies with the potential to earn at least $10M in annual revenues.

Targeted Sectors
Opportunities that provide naturally-derived solutions in one of our 8 priority areas.

Solid Business Plan
Companies with realistic sales forecasts, solid marketing plans, and keen insights on the competitive landscape.

Companies with smart, experienced teams who are focused on building a multi-million business.

Entrepreneurs who are willing to listen and incorporate advice from seasoned professionals.

Companies with differentiation in product, process or market strategy.

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  • FREDsense Technologies has developed water quality products to ensure a safe environment and clean drinking water via detection of chemicals such as Arsenic and Lead. Natural Products Canada helped us by making an introduction to a foreign investor interested in this space. This investor has conducted due diligence for the past few months and has recently expressed their interest in investing in our company. We are currently in the negotiation process with this investor.

    David Lloyd

    CEO and Co-Founder, FREDsense Technologies Corp.

  • Working with NPC has connected my company with expertise in the natural products space enabling us to focus on projects that are most likely to succeed in the marketplace. Likewise, 3F Waste Recovery has benefitted from strategizing, developing milestones and concrete steps to take towards commercialization of our hydrolyzed cod collagen product.

    Ben Wiper

    President & CEO, SkinnyPig Enterprises

  • NPC has been one of our most valuable partners in launching Indezone Energy. Through constant feedback and by facilitating events and introductions to relevant experts, they helped us drive progress and establish our network in the natural health space. NPC has further provided critical support by financing our inventory, allowing us to scale our annual sales to over $100,000 organically after just one year.

    Altair Ioffe

    CEO, Ioffe Biotechnologies Inc.

  • …the impact of NPC investment and support of CanBiocin has been game changing. CanBiocin has now positioned itself to be an attractive ingredient supplier to world leading companies such as Diana Pet Foods (France), Nestle Purina (USA) and Ziwi Pet (New Zealand). The ongoing role of NPC for the growth and diversification of Canada’s natural products sector is not to be taken for granted.

    Jake Burlet

    CEO, CanBiocin

  • Meeting NPC has been a significant benefit to my business. Within months of our first interaction, I was introduced to a company who was a perfect match for my expertise in business development and sales. The company is now a long-term client and we have a great working relationship. This intro is especially rewarding to me now that I have observed NPC’s sincere passion and dedication to helping this industry grow. They work tirelessly to find resources to help their members, and are very particular about the introductions they make. It’s inspiring to be part of that.

    Jenny Motkaluk


  • Natural Products Canada has made a great impact on our business and the organization has a broad range of expertise from manufacturing advice to introductions to potential clients in their network. Their investment in Chinova has helped us commercialize and launch our products in the market and even hire employees to continue to scale and grow the business.

    Natasha Dhayagude

    CEO and Co-Founder, Chinova Bioworks

  • NPC introduced us to our sales broker – a powerhouse woman 20+ years in health retail who is generating sales and leads in weeks that we thought would take many months. And NPC has linked us into decision makers at extract companies that could represent a substantial opportunity for our company.

    Tracy Bell

    Millenia TEA Co-founder and CEO

  • Natural Products Canada have been instrumental in helping my company, Ikkuma, develop and launch our innovative new beverage line Zero dB. Initially, Natural Products Canada provided sage advice regarding regulatory matters and made the intros to companies that could help us commercialize. NPC also, through the NCN network, provided an opportunity to pitch Zero dB to a wider audience and attract potential investment. For companies who are starting out and aiming to compete on the world stage, having a trusted partner like NPC is invaluable.

    Gary LeBlanc

    CEO, Ikkuma



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