Discover 12 up-and-coming NPC members at CHFA NOW

July 5, 2024

From healthy snacks to ‘cleaner’ cleaning products, these companies deliver healthy and sustainable options for today’s conscientious consumer.

Natural Products Canada (NPC) is proud to support 12 member companies in Incubator Alley at CHFA NOW in Toronto, September 21-22, 2024. The tradeshow is considered THE essential gathering for the natural, organics and wellness industry. The 12 NPC member companies in Incubator Alley – a sought-after section of the tradeshow – represent cutting edge products that have not yet attained national retail distribution.

The event marks the 5th time NPC has supported member companies in Incubator Alley. The opportunity provides a leg up with financial support to exhibit, advice and guidance from the NPC team and select strategic partners, as well as promotional opportunities. Previous participants have provided rave reviews about the experience, citing its value in helping them identify and secure key business relationships with retailers, brokers, distributors and investors.

The twelve companies in the September 2024 contingent include:

  • Aruna is revolutionizing menstrual health management with compostable menstrual products that are better for the body and the planet.
  • Emkao Foods imports transparently-sourced cocoa beans from Cameroon and turns them into single-source chocolate bars, sugar-free chocolate chips, ceremonial cacao, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and more.
  • Fit Treats makes everyone’s favorite treats healthier with their line of better-for-you cookies and snacks.
  • Iris + Arlo is a social and environmental impact company redefining periods via its line of natural, plastic-free and sustainable menstrual products made from certified organic cotton and biodegradable materials.
  • Maskwiomin transforms ancient indigenous wisdom into modern, effective skincare, creams and soaps. Rooted in Mi’kmaq tradition, it harnesses birch bark’s healing power for traditional medicine that works.
  • Myni delivers an eco-friendly approach to cleaning and personal care with their concentrated, non-toxic compact tablets or powders that cut CO2 and reduce plastic.
  • Papillex® is an evidence-based supplement designed to support the immune system. Data on the key natural ingredients indicates they may support cervical wellness in the presence of HPV. 
  • PommeMD is a natural rehydration beverage with essential electrolytes and fresh pressed apple juice. No artificial flavours or colours, and perfect for any age during illness, sport or heat.
  • Sunbee Pet Products offers veterinarian-approved, all-natural hygiene wipes to keep pets clean and safe. Sunbee specializes in natural products for pets, home, and personal care.
  • TANIT creates sustainable, plastic-free personal care products with scientifically-proven plant extracts that their health- and eco-conscious consumers love.
  • The Better Butchers develops and manufactures fungi-based meat alternatives that are healthy and taste great. High in protein, iron and fiber with no chemical flavours or colours.
  • Wild Root is a delicious snacking solution for gluten sensitive customers. These craveable crackers and snacks are made from gluten-free, gut healthy sourdough.

Contact us for information or introductions to any of these companies.