Start-Up Showcase on the power of funghi

September 9, 2021, 11:00 am EST

Start-Up Showcase is presented by Natural Products Canada as part of Mycelium Congress 2021, hosted by Biopterre.

NPC is pleased to host a Start-Up Showcase featuring Canadian companies working in the broad mushroom/funghi space.

You’ll hear from entrepreneurs with promising innovation in health and nutritition, materials, production technology and more, including Forage Hyperfoods, Ceres Solutions, Chinova Bioworks, and Filament Health.

The Start-Up Showcase will be part of Mycelium Congress 2021, a 5-day virtual conference presented by Biopterre in Quebec.

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Jonathan Murray, Forage Hyperfoods; Alex Villeneuve, Ceres Solutions Inc; David Brown, Chinova Bioworks; Ben Lightburn, Filament Health

Forage Hyperfoods We believe holistic and preventative fungi medicine is for everybody. Forage Hyperfoods Inc. is a leading supplier of wild harvested Canadian mushrooms. With a network of harvesters across Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, Forage is bringing sustainably harvested mushrooms from forest to consumer with ready to consume food and beverage products.

Ceres Solutions Ltd Ceres Solutions grows gourmet mushrooms from local craft brewery and agricultural by-products. Our modular cultivation system is industry leading in product quality, plastic use, emissions reduction, and yield per square foot. During the growing process, the mushroom substrate is naturally enriched with protein by the mushroom mycelium. This protein enhancement makes Ceres’ spent substrate a valuable cattle feed called Mycopro™. Ceres’ unique growing process adds value to all farm inputs and outputs and simultaneously eliminates waste. 

Chinova Bioworks In the business of better ingredients – Chinova Bioworks was started in 2016 by scientists who had a passion to see new healthy ingredients being used in the food and beverage industry. The team had developed a technological innovation around the use of little known fibers from white button mushrooms – mainly chitosan – and their use as a shelf-life extending ingredient. Since then Chinova Bioworks has grown to a company with over 20 employees and sales throughout North America. The company is passionate about helping clients remove synthetic ingredients and realize their goals of a healthy and natural clean label product.

Filament Health is an exclusively-natural psychedelic drug discovery and extraction technology company. Its mission is to see safe, approved, natural psychedelics in the hands of everyone who needs them as soon as possible. Filament believes measurable and efficacious medicines will be a catalyst to addressing many of the world’s mental health problems and that natural psychedelics provide an optimal option for widespread adoption of these substances. Filament engages in natural extraction technology commercialization, utilizing its intellectual property portfolio, in-house GMP facility, and Health Canada psilocybin Dealer’s License. Filament is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and trades on Canada’s NEO Exchange (NEO:FH).