Investment opportunities in the insect industry

December 1, 2020

A panel of experts discuss the opportunities and challenges in the quickly evolving insect industry

The concept of insects as a source of nutrition has been part of civilization forever. But in the last decade, there’s been a growing interest in the prospect of insects to help feed a global population that is increasing in both its numbers and its appetite for sustainable nutrition. Insects as feed for animals and food for humans is gaining popularlity due to the environmental aspects of production and the health and dietary benefits for both humans and animals.

In our work with both Canadian start-ups in the insect industry and large corporations who are interested in insects for their feed and human product formulations, we have encountered many questions about the industry, the investment opportunities, and the potential for insects to meet the growing demand for sustainable protein and other nutritional qualities.

This panel attempts to address some of those questions. It features experienced insight from both investors and producers who have been working in and around the insect industry and have watched its progression. The esteemed panel includes: Olivier Raybaud (Blue Oceans Partners); Alain-Olivier Desbois (Elements Financial); Michael Novak (Angel Investor); Mohammed Ashour (Aspire Foods); Mark Williams (AgriProtein); Keith Driver (Enterra); Lauren Keegan and Jarrod Goldin (Entomo Farms); and Virginia Emery (BetaHatch). Many thanks to our panel and our partners at the Insects to Feed the World 2020 Conference for letting us leverage their excellent event for this panel. You can watch the full session below.