NPC clients demonstrate $1T opportunity in bioeconomy

May 12, 2024

Natural Products Canada was pleased to share the stage with three clients at the National Angel Capital Association national summit in Ottawa.

The Summit was a gathering of funders, founders and fortifiers from across the country, engaging on topics around the general theme of advancing Canada’s prosperity. NPC’s panel session was focused on the $1T global opportunity in the bioeconomy driven by the demand for cleaner, greener and healthier alternatives in virtually every industry.

NPC team members, Sue Coueslan (VP Strategy and Partnerships) and David Gauthier (VP Commercialization) shared the stage with clients:

  • Dee Howard – SootSoap has developed a natural cleaner and decontamination product to protect firefighters from toxic chemicals
  • Eric Zimmerman – Enhanced Medical Nutrition has created a custom nutrition formula to help patients prepare better and heal faster from surgery
  • Prashant Jairaj- Whiteboard Nutrition is tackling food insecurity through advanced protein creation technologies

The companies provided a small but diverse representation of the wide breadth of the bioeconomy, which includes multiple industries such as agritech, foodtech, natural health products, animal health, bioplastics and other biomaterials, and bioresins and other bioproducts. Leveraging biology – material or processes found in nature – NPC clients are developing more sustainable and healthier products and technologies, helping to address the global $1 trillion market while positioning Canada for growth and prosperity at the same time.

For more information on these clients or NPC’s work to advance natural products, please contact us.