NPC supports 6 innovators at Future Food Tech

February 23, 2023

Canada has a strong reputation as a global food leader. NPC is proud to showcase six of the amazing companies developing highly innovative solutions in the food and nutrition space at Future Food Tech – one of the most prestigious events for the forward thinking food industry. These member companies represent advanced thinking and technology to address key issues such as food security and environmental sustainability. Each company will exhibit wiht Natural Product Canada, have the opportunity to give a 6 minute pitch, and receive support in securing meetings and introductions to strategic investors and industry partners. See below for details on these companies.

Included in our cohort is:

Cell Ag Tech: Cell Ag Tech is redefining how seafood is made. Instead of catching and growing whole fish, they only grow the cells needed to make the seafood people love. This means real sustainable seafood without overfishing, mercury, microplastics, antibiotics, animal cruelty or environmental destruction.

Crush Dynamics: Crush Dynamics is an innovative agri-tech company based in British Columbia, focused on transformation of grape derivatives and other agricultural side streams using a patent-pending targeted fermentation into high performance food ingredients. They’ll be providing samples of their newest product partnership with Purdy’s chocolates which allows the vegan chocolate product to taste fantastic with 50% less sugar.

Genuine Taste: Genuine Taste is producing cultivated fat (real animal fat made without harm to animals). Their product will improve the taste, texture, and nutrition of alternative meats, unlocking mass customer conversion to sustainable food sources. Genuine Taste has developed a novel technology to create structured cultivated fat with increased efficiency, dropping the cost of production by 30%. Since its start in early 2022, Genuine Taste has received investment from Antler Canada and Big Idea Ventures, a global alt protein fund. The company has already secured letters of intent from alt protein ventures in the US, Singapore, and Canada.

Konscious: Konscious Foods creates sustainable plant-based foods people choose over traditional options. Based in Vancouver, their culinary leadership team brings over 30 years of global experience in crafting tempting plant-based dishes by combining culinary excellence, food science expertise, and wholesome ingredients. Their flagship frozen plant-based sushi and onigiri are turning heads of consumers and retailers alike.

New School Foods: New School Foods was founded in 2020 by repeat tech entrepreneur Chris Bryson. Its entire process is cold-based, so the ingredients remain uncooked and proteins are not denatured. This results in a whole cut of salmon that can demonstrate the visual transition from being raw to being cooked. The company aims to solve two connected issues: the quality of meat alternatives in the market, and the “limited toolkit” that the industry uses to produce them.

Opalia: Opalia is developing a technology to make whole milk, without the cow, for ingredient use in the food industry. By producing all of the constituents of milk (proteins, fats, and sugars), the product (a liquid or powder) does not compromise taste or functionality. Unlike the traditional dairy industry which is reliant on cows, Opalia’s solution uses less water and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

We welcome any queries from investors or other potential partners interested in learning more about these companies. Talk to us.