CanBiocin is seizing the $2B global pet probiotics market with its highly effective product uniquely derived from canine strains for optimal health benefits.

You can visit their website to learn more about their species specific natural probiotics. The official press release follows.

CanBiocin Marks Natural Product Canada’s 6th Investment

International investors choose Canadian pet probiotics developer

 March 18, 2019 (Edmonton, Alberta) — CanBiocin, a Canadian company with a suite of proprietary probiotic ingredients to enhance pet health, has attracted a syndicate of strategic investors to accelerate their next level of growth. Natural Products Canada (NPC), the national not-for-profit that provides insights, introductions and investment to natural products companies, led the round, followed by Pet Wellness Partners, a US-based, early-stage investment and management company dedicated to the animal health and nutrition industry, and some private equity investors. Details of the deal were not disclosed.

The deal taps into a booming opportunity in pet-related products and services. Consumer passion for their four-legged friends has generated a $2-billion global pet probiotic market, with growth projections continuing to expand as pet ownership increases each year. CanBiocin’s pet probiotic is uniquely developed for the specific animal that will consume it, creating high demand from pet food manufacturers seeking quality, effective, natural ingredients.

“CanBiocin is a great investment opportunity for us as it’s a Canadian innovation that aligns with strong consumer demand,” says Shelley King, CEO, NPC. “Their ingredients are unique and effective, giving pet food manufacturers a strategic competitive advantage in the market.”

NPC introduced the opportunity to Pet Wellness Partners, who are active in the market.

“This hits a sweet spot in the pet nutrition market right now,” says Tom Aarts, co-founder of Pet Wellness Partners. “The gut microbiome is a hot topic. The precision and effectiveness of CanBiocin’s product is leading edge in this category, making it a great addition to our investment portfolio.”

CanBiocin collaborates with a number of strategic partners in Canada to develop, scale and test their immunity-boosting and digestion-enhancing probiotics.

“We are fortunate to have such great resources and facilities to help us bring these products through the development and commercialization process,” says Jake Burlet, CEO, CanBiocin. “The calibre of scientific, financial, and regulatory rigour that we have experienced is key to our success to date.”

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Sue Coueslan
VP Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Natural Products Canada

About NPC
Natural Products Canada (NPC) works with an array of partners to commercialize naturally-derived products and technologies in health and life sciences, natural resources, agriculture and agri-food, and sustainable bioproducts. It acts as matchmaker and mentor to companies and researchers; serves as technology scout and ecosystem navigator for multinationals and large corporations; and helps investors discover, develop, and de-risk opportunities. NPC has over 400 opportunities in its pipeline and has completed six investments, including one exit. Established in 2016, NPC is funded by a range of public and private investors, including the Government of Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research (CECR) program, administered by the Networks of Centres of Excellence. Visit

About CanBiocin
CanBiocin develops innovative and effective probiotics for animals. Their patented, proprietary formula provides the desired quantity of live bacterial cultures and has been tested for adherence on companion animal cell lines, immune modulation and inhibitory activity against pathogens. CanBiocin partners with strategic pet food manufacturers to develop unique probiotic and prebiotic formulations that naturally balance, restore and protect the microbiome of pets around the world.

About Pet Wellness Partners

Pet Wellness Partners is an independent investment fund focused on early stage innovation in pet nutrition, natural pet products, pet wellness, pet-tech and animal supplement markets.