Proof of Concept Program

Program Guidelines

The Proof of Concept Program is designed to help establish the commercial feasibility of early stage, innovative natural products and technologies in order to attract and de-risk subsequent investment.

The program is open to Canadian academic research institutes, start-up companies, and SMEs. Applicants can receive up to 50% of the cost of the proof of concept plan to a maximum of $100,000 during the Program Period (not to exceed 12 months). The applicant will be required to contribute 50% of the cost over the Program Period.

The program does not support basic research or preliminary product/technology development. It is intended to demonstrate commercial potential via preliminary animal, field, demonstration or human trials.

For academic research institutes, the program is conditionally repayable and is intended to move a product or technology from intellectual property disclosure to near term spin-out and/or licensing opportunities.

For start-ups and SMEs, the program is repayable and is intended to demonstrate commercial feasibility of early stage products and technologies.

Applicant eligibility requirements

Application Process

Repayment Conditions

Financing and Reporting


All applications will be treated as confidential information. The applications will only be seen by those directly involved in the evaluation of the applications.

For more information, contact Kim Johnstone at or 902-213-0539.

Application Form

You do not need to fill out this form in one sitting – if you require more time to gather information, there is a link at the bottom of the form labelled “Save And Continue Later”. This will save the information to our server without submitting the form and provide you with a link to continue at a later date.

  • Company/Research Institute Information

  • a) What is the problem that the product or technology solves?
    b) Describe the novel product or technology.
    c) What are the key next steps for the development of your product or technology?
    d) Has intellectual property (IP) protection been sought and/or applied for? If so, provide details on the type and stage of protection.
    e) For research institutes: What is the IP policy of the institute? If institute owned, has the technology been disclosed to the technology transfer office, industry liaison office, or equivalent? If so, provide the name and contact information for the office.
  • Describe the market opportunity (size, growth, competition and market share).
  • For companies: Describe the business model, including the value proposition and financial projections for three years.
    For research institutes: Describe how the product or technology will be commercialized. Indicate if an industry partner has already been identified.
  • Please upload three year financial projections in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
  • For companies: List current management team members, officers, scientific advisors and board members. Briefly describe the roles and background of the management team.
    For research institutes: Briefly describe the roles and background of the researcher(s).
  • a) Describe the need for a proof of concept trial.
    b) Provide a brief summary of the trial and timeline.
    c) Identify the key activities and milestones.
    d) Provide an itemized budget.
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  • Please enter a number less than or equal to 100000.
  • I certify that the above information is accurate, and that I have the authority to sign on behalf of the company/research institute.