Research centre offers full meal deal for innovators

July 30, 2020

A high-tech research facility provides the expertise, equipment and more to help bio-based product developers

The Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre (BPRC) at Lambton College is an extraordinary resource for companies looking to develop and refine products in food and other bio-based sectors. With its advanced expertise, comprehensive infrastructure and an enviable list of equipment, BPRC can be a strategic research and development partner.

The knowledge and experience of the research team and the equipment – bioreactors, large capacity fermenters, incubators, mass spectrometry and chromatography, to name a few – is often a key part of the attraction of BPRC. Clients essentially get a one-stop shop for things like quality assurance, formulation, extraction, testing and cultivation systems.

“Companies look to our R&D expertise and equipment to develop or test their products, often at scale,” says Baoling Chen, NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Advanced Biotechnology and Natural Health Products, who runs many projects at BPRC. “We have made strategic additions to our facility equipment based on this demand.”

Another big plus? All of that comes with financial incentives. Many of the projects are funded through federal and provincial funding agencies. Sweetening the pot, the team at BPRC actually leads the development of the applications, using their deep understanding of the various funding program criteria to shape an efficient, fund-worthy project.

“Through these College-led applications our partners can access research funding to develop new or optimize existing products, processes or technologies.,” says Chen. “Clients find that collaborating with us gives them the R&D resources they need to advance their business while saving them time and money.”

Companies involved in food development, natural health products, materials, and cannabis and hemp-based products have all taken advantage of Lambton’s recent $14M upgrade to the Centre of Excellence in Energy and Bioindustrial Technologies, which houses BPRC’s facilities.

Good to know

  • BPRC has expertise in fermentation, analytical, natural health products, material testing and material processing
  • Examples of clients who have successfully used BPRC include Comet Bio, Origin Materials and Woodland Biofuels
  • Most projects are eligible for Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits
  • Intellectual Property remains with the industrial client
  • Industrial clients can come from across Canada or around the world

To learn more, contact Baoling Chen.

Lambton College is the host institution of BPRC and an Innovation Support Member in Canada’s Natural Product Innovation Cluster. To learn about other members or to find out how the Cluster can help you, please contact us.

Lambton College lab
Lambton College lab and staff