Anis Ben Amor, PhD

Regional Director, NPC-Quebec

Anis is driven by his strong belief in innovation to help address global climate and sustainability concerns. His exceptional academic background and over 15 years experience in innovation make him an excellent resource to NPC’s stakeholders in Quebec and beyond.

Anis has a large and diverse network, gained in part through his role as senior advisor for innovation and business development at the Consortium de Recherche et D’innovation en Bioprocédés Industriels du Québec (CRIBIQ). There he worked with various stakeholders including companies of all sizes, researchers, and government in the development of strategic projects related to industrial bioproducts and environment. This experience gave him keen insights into the development of innovative natural products for a range of applications including biotechnology, natural ingredients, nutraceuticals, green house gas reduction, materials science, forestry, agriculture, green construction, bioremediation and wastewater treatment.

Anis is a problem solver and collaborator. He is an enthusiastic supporter of innovation and generously shares learnings from his deep experience advising clients, leading incoming and outgoing international trade missions, facilitating diverse stakeholders around projects and events, developing and managing research projects.

Anis has also worked for the NSERC industrial research consortium FORAC, which focuses on forest bioproducts value chain optimization, and the Province of Alberta, Lands Division. He has a PhD in wood science from Université Laval and received his MSc at Université de Bordeaux 1 in France. He received an engineering degree in wood studies from  l’école supérieure du bois (ESB) in Nantes in France.