Gayan Tennekone, MSc, MBA

Program Manager

Gayan brings a solid background in the science and business of innovation. As NPC’s Opportunity and Investment Specialist, Gayan is responsible for providing market intelligence for sectors and subsectors within the natural product space.

He is also responsible for a range of NPC’s investment services, including identifying and managing investor needs, coordinating investment reports and data, and supporting investor meetings and events.

He is an avid researcher, comprehensively sifting through market information and data to assess trends, competition, opportunities, and risks, and applying industry best practices from companies such as Johnson & Johnson to evaluate that information. This translates to clear insights for NPC, and the companies, research institutes, investors, and organizations we work with.

Gayan’s experience straddles both public and private industry, and includes in-depth analysis and market penetration strategies for two pharmaceutical markets, as well as project management and program development in areas as diverse as chemical management in agriculture to drug treatment programs within provincial health care systems.

Gayan has a Masters of Science in Chemistry from the University of Prince Edward Island, and a Masters of Business Administration in Innovation from the University of Toronto.