Virtual Pitch Series: Info For Presenting Companies

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Natural Products Canada is pleased to host the Virtual Pitch Series to provide efficient opportunities for
high-potential companies and entrepreneurs to showcase their product, technology and/or business to
a targeted audience of investors, corporations and other strategic partners.

The format features a 10-minute pitch, plus 5 minutes for audience questions. The whole event is conducted online; presenting companies just need a quiet place with a computer and a reliable internet connection.

The Virtual Pitch Series is a unique opportunity to connect with an international group of qualified
investors, corporations and others before investing the time and expense of traveling to an in-person
meeting. As a presenting company, you will:

If you are invited to pitch, we’ll work together to ensure you have the best experience possible:

  1. NPC will use its network and communications platforms (including your suggestions and
    connections) to invite the right investors and corporations to hear your pitch
  2. You will develop a 10-minute pitch deck and background materials to support it, including a 4-
    page business plan
  3. NPC will review your material, and listen to your pitch in practice sessions to help you refine and
    enhance your key value proposition, presentation and delivery
  4. NPC will conduct at least one ‘technical rehearsal’ to avoid any audio or visual issues, and ensure
    that you’re comfortable with the online format
  5. After the event, NPC will provide feedback on your presentation, including any input that arises
    from the audience. Where possible and relevant, we’ll continue to work with you to address any
    key gaps or concerns to help you achieve your goals.

Check out the event schedule, and contact your Regional Director for more information.

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