Creating productive research-industry partnerships

May 3, 2022

Moving innovative research results from the research setting into the marketplace through research-industry collaboration is a complex and nuanced process. On June 6th, NPC is pleased to host a special session dedicated to helping researchers, start-ups and corporations identify and pursue these opportunities to create excellent products that provide real value in the market as well as for the partners. 

This two-part virtual session kicks off the first day of the Natural Health Product Research Society’s annual conference, and is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in developing truly innovative natural health and nutritional products.

SESSION 1: Approaches to Partnership (1:30pm EST) We’ll review practical examples and lessons learned from the University of Guelph, Diana Foods, Canurta, the Institute of Food and Nutrition (Laval), and MedBiome. REGISTER NOW>>

SESSION 2: Models of IP (2:30pm EST) We’ll learn the various options for protecting your intellectual property from leading IP law firm Bereskin Parr, and then we’ll look at unique, real-world approaches from Loyalist College and Acadia University. REGISTER NOW>>