Harnessing the power of nature to address today’s biggest consumer demands and global challenges.

We define natural products as any product, technology or service that is derived from a biological source.

These molecules can be applied to a broad range of industries in diverse ways.

At Natural Products Canada, we are particularly focused on the development and commercialization of innovative approaches to the following:

Human Health & Nutrition

Consumers are taking control of their health and nutrition. They are demanding a lot from their food. They are connecting more of their health and well-being to the nutrients they consume. They are sipping and snacking more, and preparing traditional meals less. They want clean label, healthy, sustainable and natural products to put in their bodies. This is opening up tremendous opportunities for natural products through specialized ingredients, new extraction and processing processes, and other innovative products and services.

Some specific areas of interest:

  • Functional foods and ingredients
  • Replacements and reductions (ie gluten-free, reduced sugar, allergen-free, etc)
  • ‘Better for you’ food and beverage
  • Natural health products (NHPs) and supplements

Millenia Tea, one of NPC’s investee companies, has created a functional tea beverage by picking and flash-freezing fresh tea leaves, which maintains a significantly higher amount of the healthy antioxidants.

Chinova is attracting attention and investment from NPC, DSM Ventures and others because of their on-trend natural preservative made from chitin found in mushrooms.

Dose Biome is focused on oral health with their functional beverage, Qii, which helps control dental plaque.

Personal Care & Beauty

When we talk about natural solutions for personal care, we’re going way beyond baking soda and vinegar. Advances in science and our understanding of the natural ingredients found in plants and other biological sources are revealing powerful new ways to clean and care for our bodies. These categories are driven by consumer demand to understand what they’re putting on their bodies, with effective products from sustainable sources that have minimal impact on the environment.

Some specific areas of interest:

  • Oral care
  • Skin and hair
  • Cosmetics

PhotoDynamic, one of NPC’s investee companies, uses a light-activated plant compound to manage oral plaque. The one-minute-a-day treatment is simple to use, and helps high-plaque formers such as orthodontal brace patients maintain good tooth and gum health.

EC Labs develops and markets skin care and beauty products from natural ingredients. Their innovative formulations are sought after by companies and consumers around the world.

Altilis has created a unique line of skin care products from breadfruit flower extract, a powerful antioxidant and skin-brightening agent.

Animal Health & Nutrition

Two somewhat disparate results of the growing global population are a need for more protein sources; and an increase in pet ownership. The development of natural and sustainable animal health and nutrition products is driven by these two market demands, and is seeing some incredible innovation and opportunity.

Some specific areas of interest:

  • Pet food, treats and supplements
  • Veterinary care
  • Livestock and aquaculture feed and ingredients

Canbiocin leverages in-depth scientific expertise in the gut microbiome to develop highly effective probiotics for animals. Their first product is a probiotic ingredient for dog food, and has captured the attention and capital of NPC and other corporations and investors.

Microsintesis uses advanced probiotics known as proteobiotics to develop gut health products for production animals and companion animals.

Oberland Agriscience addresses a host of sustainability issues by upcycling green bin waste materials to feed black soldier fly, which become a healthy source of protein for aquaculture, production and companion animals.


Food production is a major global challenge. Creating enough sustainable and nutritious food to feed the growing population has brought food security issues to the forefront of both political and social dialogue. This is creating unprecedented demand for natural solutions to bolster output while protecting soil, water and other resources.

Some specific areas of interest:

  • Crop and plant health
  • Pest management
  • Soil inputs

BioTepp helps fruit growers provide a healthy and abundant product with its natural biopesticide.

Ulysse Biotech works with naturally-occurring microbes to create a suite of products to help bolster plant and crop health.

BioFusion protects the soil and increases yield potential with a liquid sprayed biomulch product that work to eliminate field plastic, reduce soil erosion and preserve moisture levels in soil.

Bioproducts & Sustainability

Plastics. Declining ecosystems. Increased development. No matter where you look, the pressures on the planet are building. With that comes the demand for more natural and sustainable products and solutions. Fortunately, some of the most innovative minds are tackling these issues with creative and effective technologies.

Some specific areas of interest:

  • Bioplastics
  • Green chemicals
  • Environmental/industrial monitoring

Microbiate has created an effective, natural way to clean up contaminated soils.

SPI Bio has a unique technology to monitor disease-causing bacteria found in water cooling systems of industrial and institutional facilities.

Ecopackers addresses the growing problems with plastics by providing a 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic solution.

Water & Waste Management

Sustainable and cost-effective solutions to protect water and land resources is a key challenge right around the globe. The companies who manage to address these problems are poised for long-term growth.

Some specific areas of interest:

  • Water treatment
  • Waste treatment
  • Waste diversion and conversion

Island Water Technologies combines complex engineering and biology to provide water monitoring and management solutions.

Swirltex creates engineering systems to tackle wastewater from industrial facilities such as mines and oil and gas plants.

Outcast Foods rescues food that would otherwise be wasted and turns it into high-value, nutritional ingredients.