Executive Talent

Need a strategic addition to your team to get you past the next hurdle? Know what needs to happen to move you to the next level but don’t have the time or experience to tackle it? This program might be for you. It’s designed to help high potential companies achieve key commercialization milestones through the addition of an experienced executive to the leadership team. The repayable program can cover as much as $50,000 toward an executive’s salary in their first year with the company.

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Proof of Concept

You need to validate your product before it can go to market or attract investors. But you’re too advanced for research funding, and too early for private capital. So where do you go? The Proof of Concept Program can help. It provides funds for companies and research institutions to demonstrate the commercial potential of natural products and technologies. It covers up to half of the project costs, to a maximum of $100,000.

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Many companies struggle to develop a plan to get their product or service to market. Solid market data, industry insights, and creative approaches are required to match the offering with a customer’s needs. If you’ve hit a stumbling block on your path to market, this program is for you.

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NPC will work with Stage 4 or 5 companies to assess the status of the investment opportunity, and review standard investment categories, including company background, technology readiness, market potential, and financial structure.

How We Help

See what our clients say about our programs and services.

"Being introduced to Stephen Ball couldn’t have come at a better time. His strong bioscience background paired with business acumen will be immeasurably valuable to the growth and success of our small business. Stephen has considerable expertise in the natural products sector as well as a wealth of connections for creating opportunities. There’s no question that I couldn't have accomplished this on my own."

Linda Peers, Coconut Goodness Food Products Inc. (producer of The Cultured Coconut)

"I am writing to thank you for your assistance in the development of our business. In the short time, we have known each other you have made several contributions, including introducing us to an innovative new technology within Canada’s natural product ecosystem, and helping us connect to the Emergence Incubator program. Both have huge potential to help us in our commercialization process."

Bill Gardiner, GenCanBio

"Since our first meeting with NPC, I have relied on their experience, knowledge and network to help Mycodev develop its commercialization strategy. There is strength in numbers and for companies manufacturing products originating from nature, NPC offers a terrific support mechanism for these developing markets."

Brennan Sisk, Mycodev Group Inc

"Natural Products Canada's team has been a tremendous boost to our financing and business development efforts. As a Canadian Natural Products company in Canada developing a proprietary extraction technology we had been successful raising funds for our research and development but raising larger funds for commercialization was proving more challenging. Immediately NPC's team proactively helped make some critical introductions to both investors and prospective customers. In addition, NPC's team were quick to offer their guidance and advice on some international partnering structures and pricing arrangements. Within two months NPC were pivotal in helping us secure term sheets for financing and have become a valued resource for our business development efforts."

Sean Hodgins, Mazza Innovation

"I have a start-up business making natural and organic products. On understanding the science and appreciating the marketability, NPC took a serious and active interest in my business. NPC are providing mentorship and guidance, opening doors and facilitating relationships in helping to take my business to levels I could not have otherwise hoped to achieve. Professional and personable, their counsel and support have been impressive. Their technical and administrative knowledge, experience and breadth of expertise in concert with their deliberate and considerate approach is remarkable. NPC is an outstanding resource to Canadians."

Barry Munro, AquaMedia

"NPC was instrumental in establishing a meeting between a multinational organization and Nautilus Biosciences Canada. This initial meeting has developed into an on-going dialog and we anticipate that a contract will be executed in the near future. Such contracts are the lifeblood of our company and represent a significant milestone. I look forward to further interactions with the staff of NPC to examine new opportunities for growth at Nautilus."

Russell Kerr, Nautilus Biosciences

"Natural Products Canada has been key to our recent successes. Through their financial support we were able to significantly exceed the target of our recent financing campaign. With their input, we were able to strengthen our business plan. As part of their network, we are now “plugged-in” to the global natural products community. NPC represents a critical bridge that supports and enables an entrepreneur’s journey from minimum viable product to market adoption."

Rui Resendes, Fire Rein

"Re: Témoignage à Produits Naturels Canada (NPC) Protéines du nord est une entreprise québécoise axée sur la commercialisation de produits à valeur ajoutée à partir de gourganes en provenance de la région nordique du Québec. NPC a fortement contribué à nous mettre en contact avec l'expertise et les organisations compétentes dans l'écosystème canadien des produits naturels. Leur soutien dans la sélection des meilleures ressources en fonction des défis auxquels nous étions confrontés nous a permis d’épargner beaucoup de temps. Suite à notre collaboration initiale avec PNC, nous avons également officiellement décidé d’incorporer notre entreprise à Québec. Nous sommes impatients de poursuivre la collaboration avec PNC !"

Karine Tremblay, Co-fondatrice, Protéines du Nord

"NPC recently contacted Ovensa to offer their support in order to accelerate our developments and help overcome pre-commercialization challenges. They quickly put us in contact with a researcher from INAF (Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods). Ovensa is also discussing with NPC for other potential collaborations in the future. Thank you to NPC and their added value support!"

Stéphane Gagné, Ovensa Inc

"Despite its short history, NPC has been a valuable partner in our journey. They have been instrumental in making several important introductions to key players in both government and the private sector. They have connected us with consultants and have been guiding our firm through funding processes and executional details. And they have also helped us with business plans, strategic direction and have even made interesting new product suggestions, one of which we are pursuing."

Jorge Santos, Next Remedies

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