Global Institute for Food Security helps innovators cross ‘valley of death’

October 16, 2023

The Global Institute for Food Security, or GIFS, is a dynamic part of Canada’s food and agriculture community, and one of the newest Innovation Support Members in Canada’s Natural Product Innovation Cluster. On November 9th we’re hosting a webinar to learn more about GIFS’ unique combination of services, facilities and expertise. Not sure if this webinar is for you? Here’s a sneak peek into the organization and what they have to offer.

Give us a quick overview of GIFS and what you’re trying to do.

GIFS works with partners to discover, develop and deliver innovative solutions for the production of globally sustainable food. We are an agri-food innovation catalyst, helping to scale up and accelerate R&D with the latest innovations, connecting the ecosystem, and bridging the gap to commercialization to deliver resilient and sustainable food security for all stakeholders. 

What are some of the key things GIFS offers to clients?

GIFS offers state-of-the art programs and technology platforms to accelerate R&D at scale and transform Canada’s agriculture and food sectors, including:

  • Next generation genomic sequencing and bioinformatics services for plants, animals and microbes, through our Omics and Precision Agriculture Laboratory (OPAL).
  • Accelerated breeding technology and services to optimize breeding pipelines for crops and livestock.
  • Engineering biology platform services that will focus on protein engineering, natural products and biomanufacturing. This platform is in development and more details will be shared at the event.
  • Cell biology platform providing plant transformation services and optimized protocols for double haploid development (canola).
  • Plant Growth Facilities (green houses and growth chambers) providing plant growth space, plant production supplies, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions and quality seed to clients in the ecosystem.

Can you give us an example of a time GIFS helped a client solve a problem?

GIFS’ OPAL platform has contributed sequencing services to many large initiatives, including the international, USask-led effort that sequenced the genomes for 15 wheat varieties – a significant accomplishment that is supporting the development of new, higher-yielding, more resilient wheat varieties.

What makes GIFS’ offering unique? What do you provide that is hard to find elsewhere?

At GIFS, we have positioned our institute to bridge the innovation gap (also known as the valley of death), working together with partners to help further innovation through to commercialization. Our highly skilled talent and high throughput, state of the art infrastructure deliver programs and services to scale up and accelerate R&D. We believe strongly in the power of partnerships to advance research and development and to deliver solutions to market that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

To learn more about how you can partner with GIFS, WATCH THE VIDEO>> of the November 9th event.