Grazy (formerly Seva Nature): Part of NPC’s cohort in Incubator Alley

August 16, 2023

Q: What’s the origin story behind Grazy?

A: Grazy is a Canadian food tech startup on a mission to create plant-based products that leave people and the planet satisfied and happy. Creating quality products that are delicious and have a positive impact on the community and the planet is our priority. Our tasty products have been sold to the foodservice industry across Canada since 2020. The first product that we’ve launched in 2021 is an oat-based soft-serve that is a sustainable alternative to dairy soft serve.

Q: What’s the best thing anyone has said about your product so far?

A: “GRAZY is an incredibly tasty and creamy taste experience, while being completely dairy-free and mostly free of the top 10 allergens.”

Q: What’s the most rewarding thing about building your company so far?

A: The most rewarding aspect so far is seeing the positive impact we have on people looking for delicious dairy alternatives. We are also proud to share that our company has received several innovation awards, including: Initia Award Coup de coeur Aliments du Québec‘, the CTAQ Innovative Company Desjardins 2022 award, the CTAQ Award Innovative Product 2022, Dessert Category, and the Best product for taste at the Grand Prix Dux 2023. Maude, Our CEO, was also listed in the 2023 Game Changers report by Natural Products Canada honouring the top 100 companies led by women. She was recently selected by YEA to attend the 2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, which will take place in July 2023.

Q: What are the top 1-3 things that you’re focused on right now?

We are really looking forward to launching our newest products in the next few months, including our delicious alternatives to coffee creamer and cooking cream. We are also  expanding our distribution network to make our products more widely available to consumers across Canada, and we continue to innovate in the category of frozen desserts offering new flavours that will be available in different retail stores in 2024.

Q: What is your key objective in attending CHFA?

Our main objective in participating in CHFA is to launch our newest innovation. We aim to establish strategic partnerships with food brokers, distributors, and of course meet new customers. We are looking forward to expanding our presence in the market of dairy alternatives across Canada.