Helping Canada seize the $1T opportunity for sustainable products

December 1, 2023

There is a growing demand for clean, green and healthy solutions. This demand is coming from governments, consumers and corporations – in Canada and around the world – who recognize the critical importance of finding sustainable products that are better for people, animals and the planet. And this global demand is estimated to have a market potential of over $1 trillion.

Luckily, Canada is home to an incredible community of innovators who are developing game-changing natural product solutions to address this demand.

Natural Products Canada works with these innovators to help advance their natural products through development and commercialization. This ensures that Canadian companies move their products to market — and into the hands of customers.

What do we mean by natural products? For NPC, the focus is on bio-based innovation. This means a key part of the technology must be based on a biological component, tapping into the incredible power of nature and its nearly infinite array of potential solutions. And the examples are endless:

  • Active compounds found in plants can be used to create more sustainable industrial products like resins and lubricants.
  • Bacteria act like mini garbage collectors, cleaning up contaminated soil.
  • Some plants such as hemp are like a swiss army knife of sustainable solutions, delivering healthy, plant-based protein and nutrients, soft and absorbant fibres for clothing and textiles, all while rejuvenating the soil in which they grow.
  • And much, much more.

But advancing this type of innovation doesn’t happen by itself. Companies working on these solutions need specific, strategic help to develop, de-risk and validate these products. NPC exists to address this need: it provides a unique and powerful combination of advice and guidance, non-dilutive capital, and strategic introductions to advance these innovations and create a strong natural product innovation ecosytem in Canada.

By engaging with NPC, you gain access to:

  • A central resource of intelligence, resources and a 3000+ network of professionals interested in sustainable, healthy natural products
  • An exceptional team with deep subject matter expertise at the crossroads of science, business and investment
  • A suite of commercialization programs that offer up to $250,000 in non-dilutive funding to de-risk, validate and advance natural product innovation
  • An exclusive focus on helping companies become investment-ready, including: addressing gaps in team, technology and traction; and preparing for investor meetings, including those with Nadarra Ventures, the fund we helped to launch
  • Strategic connections between NPC’s pipeline of innovative companies and its extensive network of investors, experts and other public and private resources
  • Industry events and initiatives to draw attention to the key technologies, stakeholders and issues in the advancement of natural products

Whether you’re an innovator with a game-changing solution, or an investor or corporation looking for sustainable products and technologies, we’re happy to help you tap into this powerful network. Please contact us to start the discussion.