Prism Kombucha (part of NPC’s cohort in Incubator Alley)

August 21, 2023

Q: What’s the origin story behind Prism Kombucha?

A: Prism Kombucha is owned and operated by St-Léon Gardens, a local 2nd generation family-run fruit and vegetable market established in 1979. As market operators, they see first-hand that choosing local food not only nourishes our bodies but also nurtures the community and the environment, creating a healthier and more sustainable food system for generations to come.

Prism ferments and sells kombucha that provides their community with a healthy alternative to high-sugar juices and soda. Their kombucha is not just a beverage. It’s an invitation to slow down, savor the present moment, and embrace a life of wellness and connection.

Q: What’s the best thing anyone has said about your product so far?

A: “I fell in love with Prism Kombucha when visiting Winnipeg, so I purchased multiple cans and shipped them back home to Vancouver so I could keep enjoying them when I returned. There is nothing remotely comparable to Prism.” 

Q: What’s the most rewarding thing about building your company so far?

A: The most rewarding thing is witnessing the positive impact our product has on people’s lives. We love attending markets and sampling in stores so we can meet clients and hear about the impact our kombucha has played in their journey towards better health. 

Q: What are the top 1-3 things that you’re focused on right now?

A: Our main focus at the moment is scaling up our production and maintaining the product quality as we move into a larger facility. We’re also focused on expanding our reach outside of Manitoba and into other provinces. 

Q: What is your key objective in attending CHFA?

A: By attending CHFA we hope to connect with wholesalers and retailers in new markets.