Sun Under the Sea (part of NPC’s cohort in Incubator Alley)

August 21, 2023

Q: What’s the origin story behind Sun Under the Sea?

A: Sun Under the Sea came together when Alex, Jeremy and Matt met over a cup of coffee at a local hangout along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Dissatisfied with the dairy-free alternatives available, they decided to create a product that reflected their values of clean and sustainable foods, and supported a mindful approach to living. From that moment, they were on a mission to spark joy through inspired nutrition. They started producing a clean dairy-free creamer made with marine collagen and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) sourced from coconut oil powder. They’ve been building the business ever since.

Q: What’s the best thing anyone has said about your product so far? 
A: “I traveled two and a half hours to get this collagen! My nails tend to split and they don’t do it as much as they used to, and my knees are doing better at exercise class.” 

Q: What’s the most rewarding thing about building your company so far?

A: We originally crafted our product as a dairy-free creamer with collagen and MCT, but we realize because it is so clean and customizable that people use it in all kinds of ways, from adding it to smoothies, to using it as a topper on foods and desserts. People really appreciate that we have a product that is within reach for their lifestyle.

Q: What are the top 1-3 things that you’re focused on right now?

A: We are focused on a couple of things right now, including new product development (R&D), marketing/branding, and sales.

Q: What is your key objective in attending CHFA?

A: We are looking for a strategic investor or partner who can help us scale our business and reach new markets.