Colin Garrioch, MSc

Regional Director, NPC-Ontario

Colin’s career has been driven by a solid understanding of science and nutrition. From his work in an epidemiology research unit at a cancer center to his volunteer service on the Technical Committee of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega 3s, each step in Colin’s career has enhanced his ability to help clients move natural products from concept to customer.

Colin’s extensive background in commercialization and research gives him deep insights into the strategies and pathways involved. During his time at a Canadian contract research organization he helped a diverse roster of companies at various stages of the product development cycle, working closely with them to provide services such as clinical trials, product analytics, and regulatory advice.

Colin has experience in both public and the private sector organizations, in roles such as marketing, sales, project management, research, and consulting. This extensive exposure to unique client needs serves him well in his day-to-day interactions with large and small companies, not-for-profits, investors, government agencies, and research institutions in Ontario.

Colin received his Masters of Science (Human Health and Nutritional Sciences) from the University of Guelph. He currently volunteers as the Vice President of the Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association. Colin is located at the University of Guelph, NPC’s node partner in Ontario.