Grant Ferrier

Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) is an organization that connects investors with high-potential growth companies in the nutrition and health & wellness Industry. NCN hosts four Investor Meetings each year: an East Coast Spring meeting (New York), a West Coast Fall meeting (San Francisco), a European investor meeting in May (Geneva, Switzerland), and an annual half-day meeting in the Fall (Las Vegas) dedicated to ingredients and technology. NCN is an independent company that depends on the subscriptions its investor members and sponsors (it takes no fees associated with any transactions that result from its meetings) and presenter fees. Since being founded in 2007, more than 520 companies have presented at 31 NCN investor meetings in the United States and Europe from a dealflow list of more than 2,600 applicants. Through 2015, 56% of NCN presenting companies had completed some form of transaction.

Grant founded NCN in 2007 and previously Nutrition Business Journal in 1996, serving as Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and manager of NBJ’s research and publishing team for more than a decade before selling the business to Penton Media. He has served as a lead consultant or principal advisor on proprietary consulting, research, and strategy development assignments in the both the nutrition and environmental industries, in addition to acting as a third-party advisor to several financing and M&A transactions and as an independent investor and/or board member in five companies besides his own. Grant has represented the nutrition and environmental industries in many government and business forums, serving on advisory committees for the United Nations, OECD, U.S. EPA and U.S. DOC. Grant is a native Canadian and has an B.S. degrees in Conservation & Resource Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. He resides in San Diego, California and is an accomplished gardener, puppeteer, cartoonist, author, theatrical performer, soccer player, golfer and Scottish dancer.